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13歲起與粵劇結緣,專攻反串文武生行當。跟隨文千歲,梁少芯師父學藝,曾隨千連芯青少年粵劇團於香港、温哥華、多倫多、新加坡,美國等地參與演出。在劇團期間跟隨師父學習及演出過古老排場戲《天姬送子》,《江東雙虎將》,折子戲《搶傘》及 《幽媾》,長劇《紅樓夢》之賈寶玉一角。2O13年畢業於倫敦大學學院,獲 “語言系(榮譽)文學士“,為追求提升個人正規粤劇藝術訓練,同年入讀首介香港演藝學院"戲曲學士學位"課程,現為演藝全職學生。2016年被邀前往美國重演《紅樓夢》,在重慶藝術節演《花木蘭》,在廣州粵廣澳粵劇藝術交流演出《牡丹亭驚夢》, 亦被國際馳名大會於香港 ”Ted x Wanchai“ 獲邀演講。 




Shan’s interest in Cantonese Opera came from her interest in Chinese culture starting from a young age. She was first exposed to Cantonese Opera at the age of 13, and specializes in the male-role. She trained under the troupe of Master Man Chin Sui and Leung Siu Sum and participated in Cantonese Opera shows in Hong Kong, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Singapore. During her time practicing in the troupe, she learned traditional excerpts and also played the role of Jia Baoyu in the play The Dream of the Red Chamber


In 2013, she graduated from University College London with a bachelor degree in Linguistics. To further pursue her interest in Cantonese Opera and to receive a more formal artistic training, she started her studies during the same year at The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. She is now a full-time student of the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Cantonese Opera. In 2016, she was invited to perform The Dream of the Red Chamber in Los Angeles; Mulan at the Chonqing Arts Festival; The Peony Pavillion at the Pearl River Delta Cantonese Opera Exchange in Guangzhou. 


Shan participated in the Hong Kong International Exchange of Arts and Cultural Association singing competition in Cantonese Opera, and was awarded Gold Medal in 2014; In 2015, was awarded Outstanding Inheritance Award at Traditional x Creative Youth Arts competition (Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan);In 2016, was invited to speak at Ted x Wanchai (open- mic), and awarded First place of International Exchange of Arts and Cultural Association. 




As a not-for-profit Cantonese Opera group, Shan Opera is established in order to promote, preserve and educate the creative development of Cantonese Opera performing art. Our values is to respect the traditional art and bringing interest to the general public in hopes to emphasize the importance to preserve such art in today's society. Our aim is to promote the art of Cantonese Opera to the next generation in Hong Kong. 

  • 向世界各地宣揚粵劇文化 

  • 致力推動粵劇文化之保育工作

  • 策劃粵劇文化界之間的交流


  • Advertise Cantonese Opera to every corner of the world

  • Endeavours to promote and preserve Cantonese Opera performing arts

  • Organise art integration and exchanges 


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