Originating from Ming Dynasty (1368-1633), Cantonese Opera is a popular form of performing art to the Southern Chinese of Pearl River Delta. Cantonese Opera is the creation of different artists, and is a reflection of the culture that belongs to the Southern Chinese. 

The Art of Cantonese Opera 




Cantonese Opera includes three major artistic features. It is a combination art, it implements virtuality, and uses stylized movements.  It embodies the essence of traditional Chinese culture, constituting a unique and profound traditional stage performace. 


粵劇演員必須要擁有紮實的基本功,包括唱、做、唸、打及四功五法的表演功力,方能踏上舞台,這証明了粵劇行業的一句話:「台上一分鐘,台下十年功」,而表現了演員的真功夫。何謂唱、做、唸、打 唱、做、唸、打是粵劇的四種基本演繹方式。唱,即唱腔;做,即透過身體動作的演出,表達感情;唸,即說白;打,即武打。


Cantonese Opera Actors must consolidate four basic skills: singing, acting, speaking and fighting, in order to be on stage. This proves an old saying in the industry, "one minute on stage equals ten years of backstage training", reflecting the true spirits and hard work necessary of these actors. So what exactly are the four basic skills? Singing- Actors have to master their tonal voices; Acting- using body language and techniques of the physical theatre to express the character's feelings and mood; Speaking-  dialogue articulation; and fighting- acrobatic and martial arts for the battle scenes.

Cantonese Opera 大戲的魅力

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